Friday, March 13, 2015

Submerged Arc Welding Flux Holding, Drying & Baking Ovens Haryana, India

Custom Built Welding Ovens

At MVI ovens we understand our client requirement and design ovens as per their requirement like manufacturing of welding rods, heating electrodes continuously for 24 hours etc. For manufacturing process high temperature ovens is required in large volume size so we designed it to run through Gas or Diesel fuel so that running load comes very less and economically it is very cheap compare to electrical oven.
Some special & incomparable feature in our custom built ovens {Non-standard}.
PLC & Scada controller.Profile controlling upto 8 Ram -8 Soak.
PID controlling unit.Motorised trolley.
Maximum working temperature 600 Deg C.Can run through Gas, Diesel or Electricity.
In direct heat exchanger. etcTemperature and time graph recorder.

Diesel Fired Welding Electrode Baking Oven

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Electrical Heated Electrode Baking Oven

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Large Size Welding Electrode Storage Oven   



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Pre Heaters for Mig Welding

We manufacturer high quality CO2 Heaters for Mig welding application. CO2 heater is use to melt the freeze gas which block at the neck of CO2 cylinder. It helps the gas to melt and flow easily from regulator and give excellent welding result.

Heaters available in 3 different models.

Carbon Dioxide Gas Heater Manufacturers

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Gas Preheater (Aluminum Casing) Manufacturers, Suppliers

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 Natural Gas Preheater (Box Type) Manufacturers, Suppliers

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Contact Person:Mr. Mohit Verma
Addresss:Plot No. V-27, Red Cross Road, M.I.E. Part B,
Bahadurgarh, Haryana - 124507 (INDIA)
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